Frequently mistaken for thick or wavy hair, coarse hair is an extraordinary hair surface that, with the correct consideration, can yield sound and delicious locks. The worries related to coarse hair incorporate dryness, frizz, and willfulness. Notwithstanding, with the best possible daily practice and items, you can be the wellspring of significant hair envy.

We believe in this universal truth as we always work to change for the better so that our esteemed clients benefit from improved services. Our identity and commitment to this profession and to our clients are strong and we are proposing to you a new line of products, coming directly from the place of origin (Temple).

https://www.coarsehairextensions.com is one of the largest wholesaler and supplier in the World for the Latest Trends in 100% coarse hair extensions, to connect with the World.

Our Company, Conceptualized and implemented a few decades ago, is a widely recognized and leading Indian exporter of 100% “COARSE HAIR EXTENSIONS” We provide the coarse hair in the products below.

  • Single Drawn

  • Double Drawn

  • Micro-Machine weft hair,

  • Machine Weft hair

  • Micro Weft hair

  • Hand-tied weft hair

  • Bulk and loose hair

  • Lace Closure

  • Frontal

Our stylish range of ‘coarse hair’ is available in various textures to meet the specific requirements of our global patrons. As a matter of fact, it is of great pride to us that our entire collection is consumed in various international markets. Our company only sell coarse hair in natural textures as below.


  • Natural Straight

  • Natural Wavy

  • Natural Loose Wave

  • Natural Deep wave

  • Natural Body Wave

  • Natural Curly

Our range of natural colors and sizes ensure that you have a great variety to choose from. Further, all the products are customized according to the specifications provided by our prestigious clients like hair for Lace Closure, Frontal, and hair for extensions etc, thereby leaving no room for grievances.

We have been doing business since 1947. Since then, we have to sell more than 25 categories and we have divided the coarse hair extensions categories into 3 brands, 14 qualities, and grades as below

(A)-Extraordinary Brand

  • Sensationnel Quality (Grade 10A)

  • Splendid Quality (Grade 9A)

  • Marvellous Quality (Grade 8A)

  • Exclusive Fine Quality (Grade 7A)

  • Luxury Quality (Grade 6A+

  • Legend Quality (Grade 6A)


(B)-Special Brand

  • Elite Quality (Grade 5A)

  • Platinum Quality (Grade 4A+)

  • Gold Plus Quality (Grade 4A)

  • Premium Quality (Grade 3A+)

  • Unique Quality (Grade 3A)

  • Super Fine Quality (Grade 2A+)


(C)-Simple Brand

  • Deluxe Quality (Grade AA)

  • Classic Quality (Grade A+)

  • Standard Quality (Grade A)


Indian Coarse Hair Extensions

Laotian Coarse Hair Extensions

Burmese Coarse Hair Extensions

Cambodian Coarse Hair Extensions

Mongolian Coarse Hair Extensions

Vietnamese Coarse Hair Extensions

Egyptian Coarse Hair Extensions

Indonesian Coarse Hair Extensions

Malaysian Coarse Hair Extensions

Eurasian Coarse Hair Extensions

Brazilian Coarse Hair Extensions

Filipino Coarse Hair Extensions

Asian Coarse Hair Extensions

South Asian Coarse Hair Extensions

East Asian Coarse Hair Extensions

Bohemian Coarse Hair Extensions

European Coarse Hair Extensions

Ukrainian Coarse Hair Extensions

Uzbek Coarse Hair Extensions

Ethiopian Coarse Hair Extensions

Georgian Coarse Hair Extensions

Himalayan Coarse Hair Extensions

Myanmar Coarse Hair Extensions

Persian Coarse Hair Extensions

Russian Coarse Hair Extensions

Peruvian Coarse Hair Extensions


Sensationnel Quality - Grade 10A

Splendid Quality - Grade 9A

Marvellous Quality - Grade 8A

Exclusive Quality - Grade 7A

Luxury Quality - Grade 6A+

Legend Quality - Grade 6A


Elite Quality - Grade 5A

Platinum Quality - Grade 4A+

Gold Plus Quality - Grade 4A

Premium Quality - Grade 3A+

Unique Quality - Grade 3A

Super Fine Quality - Grade 2A+