Asian Hair Extensions


Asia, the world's largest and most diverse continent. It occupies the eastern four-fifths of the giant Eurasian landmass. All 50 countries of Asia officially recognized as independent states. Asia contains 50 countries (excluding Taiwan, Abkhazia, South Ossetia, Northern Cyprus, Nagorno-Karabakh, and Macau).


Geographically, Asia is divided into 6 regions:

  • North Asia

  • South Asia

  • West Asia

  • Central Asia

  • East Asia


Asia contains 50 countries but more than 70% of raw natural virgin hairs are sourced and collected from Abkhazia, South Ossetia, North Cyprus, Nagorno-Karabakh, Russia and Macau.


Every hair type requires specific care, Asian hair extensions is no different. You can get thick, coarse, straight, wavy, non-treated Asian hair extensions.


The many possibilities (shiny, thick hairstyles) and the many difficulties (lack of texture, when desired). Some believe that in life, we just can’t have it all… or can we? Here at All Things Hair, we like to think anything we want to do with our hair can be achieved one way or the other.


For Asian hair extensions, there’s no stopping us in providing ways to add texture to those straight and shiny locks which many of us actually envy (trust us, so many people are jealous of your glossy hair).


Asian hair extensions is normally dark brown to black, the process required to lift the color out of the hair and replace it with the desired shades and tones can be quite involved, especially if you want healthy hair at the end of the process.


Generally, Asian hair extensions fall on the straight and coarse end of the spectrum which can sometimes feel boring for some, especially when you want to try out trendy hairstyles that require a certain feel, like a wave or a curl.

Asian hair extensions” are so straight and very shiny. Asian hair extensions are unique and with the right hairdresser. It can hold amazing shape! The biggest misconception about Asian hair extensions is that you need an Asian hair extensions dresser, however, you just need a great hairdresser. Asian hair extensions are just like any hair type that you look after – it requires an understanding of the client, how they live their lives and what they want from a hairstyle.  The rest is talent and experience.


Available: Asian Natural Straight Hair Extensions, Asian Natural Wavy Hair Extensions, Asian Natural Body Wave Hair Extensions, Asian Natural Deep Wave Hair Extensions, and Asian Natural Loose Wave Hair Extensions. Asian Natural Curly Hair Extensions are available for custom orders.

Quality Avalaible

Available: Asian coarse hair extensions, Asian silky hair extensions, Asian luster hair extensions, Asian heaviness, and Asian soft hair extensions, volume bounce Asian hair extensions.

Type Of Hair Extensions

  1. Available: Single Donor-Asian Virgin Hair Extensions.

  2. Available: Different Donors-Asian Remy hair Extensions.


Available: 100% Asian natural color, black, natural black and brown.


  1. Available: Asian Machine Weft Hair Extensions

  2. Available: Asian Micro-Machine Weft Hair Extensions

  3. Available: Asian Bulk-Loose Hair Extensions

  4. Available: Asian Lace Closure (Size-4x4 ,and 5x5)

  5. Available: Asian Frontals (Size 13x4 and 13x6)


1- Available: Extraordinary Brand-Single Donor-Virgin Hair Extensions

  • Asian Sensationnel Quality-Grade 10A

  • Asian Splendid Quality-Grade 9A

  • Asian Marvellous Quality-Grade 8A

  • Asian Exclusive Quality-Grade 7A

  • Asian Luxury Quality-Grade 6A+

  • Asian Legend Quality-Grade 6A

2- Available: Special Brand-Different Donors-Remy Hair Extensions.

  • Asian Elite Quality-Grade 5A

  • Asian Platinum Quality-Grade 4A+

  • Asian Gold Plus Quality-Grade 4A

  • Asian Premium Quality-Grade 3A+

  • Asian Unique Quality-Grade 3A

  • Asian Super Fine Quality-Grade 2A+